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I was four years old when I picked up my first camera, and snapped my first photo. It was a "Stephen King-esque" version of The Shining, taken of my dad standing outside of a door.

I was ten years old when I received a Kodak DISC camera for my birthday, much to my younger brother's dismay. My brother was very patient as I posed him around our house, practicing with cowboy props and our mom's old dance costumes.

I was sixteen when I received my first "real" camera. My very first DSLR was a Canon. I felt so professional while trying to learn the ins and outs of what I felt was the most fascinating piece of equipment that I had ever owned - and at times, the most intimidating. It was during this time, that dreams of working for National Geographic began to flood my thoughts. My camera and I went on many an adventure in the woods behind my house.

Flash forward to 2019: While I am not the famous National Geographic Photographer I had so often dreamed of, my passion for photography has not waned.  I like to think that my technique has improved since that first photo.  And, still to my brother's dismay, he is often still the subject of various photos. 

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the photography world.


My specialty is working with families. While some children LOVE the camera, others tend to find them a bit intimidating. As a special education teacher (my "side job"), I take pride in my ability to work with children, helping them to feel at ease for our photo sessions, and being able to capture those unexpected moments that become your most cherished memories.

Whether you are looking for a new headshot, someone to capture a special event, or need a portrait photographer for your Senior or Kindergartener, I welcome the chance to share my passion with you.

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